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Graffiti Workshop in São Paulo

October 16, 2016
Graffiti Workshop Sao Paulo

São Paulo is well known for its graffiti scene and street art. When you drive through the city, you discover everywhere different arts of graffiti. I personally like that, because it makes the city more colourful and gives a special touch.

The most famous graffiti street is Beco Do Batman (Batman’s Alley) in the Vila Madalena neighbourhood and definitely worth visiting. Here some of the best graffiti artists receive a spot to demonstrate their artistic capabilities.

A friend of ours organized a Graffiti workshop with the well-known Graffiti artist Milo Tchais in Vila Madalena.

We met in his art studio, which is located directly in the famous Beco de Batman Street behind the colourful walls. After showing us his studio and some of his stunning artwork, we got an introduction about the history of graffiti and streetart in Sao Paulo.

Graffiti Workshop Sao Paulo

Then we started to walk to “our” wall a couple of streets away from Beco de Batman. While Milo was painting over the wall with yellow color, we started choosing a theme and agreed on “nature and flowers”. First, all of us had to draft on a paper what we wanted to spray. Milo then explained and demonstrated the various spray tops for thin to thick lines. It looks so easy when you watch an artist spraying, but once you have the spray can in your own hand and start to press and not move quickly, rather ugly spots and lines are the result instead of nice looking thin lines. Hence, it was obviously not as easy as we thought 😉

However, Milo was great and showed us different tricks- so at the end we were all (more or less) happy with our “nature” pictures on the wall! Clearly, Graffiti spraying looks much easier than it actually is but offers a lot of fun!

Contact details for Graffiti Workshop:
Local Studio Art
Lëo Guėrra (he speaks english)

This is the video from our workshop (might be blocked in Europe).


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