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Visiting NATURA – Brazil’s No.1 cosmetic company

October 17, 2016
Visit Natura office Sao Paulo

With the MBA course, we visited Natura’s offices. Natura, based in Cajamar, São Paulo, is nowadays
Brazil’s number one cosmetics manufacturer. They sell natural cosmetics made with Brazilian plants and fruits and bought a majority stake of the Australian brand Aesop. Since I love the brand and they have quite fascinating office buildings, I wanted to share my impressions.

When visiting Natura I recognized immediately that Natura is a company that is committed to social and environmental issues. The bright and open office buildings are integrated in the nature and the company is looking after the plants on the grounds. They respect nature, uses raw materials and biodiversity.
Visit Natura office Sao Paulo Once you enter the buildings you can feel the proximity to Nature, the silence that the area reflects and the pleasant smell of Brazilian plants and fruits (such as Acai, Passion fruit etc.), which follows you through the entire Natura buildings. As an example: recently they developed the cosmetic line Ekos Ucuuba. The ucuuba tree grows in the Amazon in waterlogged and flooded areas. 15 communities (about 600 families) in the Amazon and Parà supply Natura with raw materials. By purchasing the fruit to produce cosmetics, Natura creates the possibility of reversing the predatory cycle threatening the species, generating income based on a non-timber forestry product. Community members
are instructed to harvest only 50% of the fruit. The remainder falls in the water and is carried away, ensuring the continuity of the germination process.

Natura creates spaces for their employees, which radiate calmness and inspire them. Especially the entrance hall is outstanding and offers places to work but is also used for internal events like the training of the Natura consultants. For years Natura has been living the direct sales model (only with consultants) to sell and distribute their products.

When I moved to Sao Paulo in January 2016, I wanted to buy Natura products as a friend suggested these products to me. After researching where and how to buy Natura cosmetics without any success, I contacted Natura via email (in English). I received an answer back in Portuguese only telling me that I can just buy products at consultants or that I can order them online but just if I have a CPF (Brazilian identity card), which I did not have at that time. The conclusion was, that I did not buy any Natura products, since I was not able to test and try them.

But…! Luckily in April 2016, Natura has opened its first store in South America, in Sao Paulo’s Morumbi Shopping center, which it great to shop their products 😉

My favorite Natura products are from the EKOS line, especially the Acai peeling shower gel smells lovely and makes a smooth skin.

Visit Natura office Sao Paulo

It is really worth visiting their offices and of course visiting their shop.

Contact for scheduling a visit at Natura in English or Portuguese


Natura Shop


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  • Chris Laconti October 23, 2016 at 5:25 am

    In San Francisco’s Bay Area, we also love Ekos products! Thank you Jenny for introducing us to them. – Regina and Chris, Mill Valley, CA.

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