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October 25, 2016
long weekend in florianopolis with friends

Last week Paul’s best friend Quirin visited us. We flew to Florianópolis to discover the south part of Brazil and to spend a relaxing long weekend with friends at the beach. Besides the three of us, our friends Sandra and Raffealla joined as well. From São Paulo it is a short one-hour flight, alternatively there are also busses running between the two cities (approx.12h).

Florianópolis, the state capital located in the South of Brazil is also called Floripa. Half of the city is on the island Ilha de Santa Catarina and the other half is on the mainland. While the part located on the mainland has a rather industrial look and feel, the island side has stunning colonial buildings.

We spent the long weekend in Barra do Lagoa (island side) which has a laid back and easy going atmosphere. The island offers many beaches (there are 42 in total) and lots of nature which invites to many outdoor activities. To get around and explore the various places I recommend taking a rental car as the island is rather large.

Accommodation Florianópolis

long weekend in florianopolis

The Sunset Strip Eco Hostel is located in Barra do Lagoa. It is a rustic and relaxed eco accommodation that offers three apartments (with up to 3 bedrooms) and a guesthouse. The hostel can only be accessed by foot so you will need to park the car at the main parking lot at Barra Beach and walk over the bridge (5min walk). The hostel is located at a small beach surrounded by nature and is overall very charming. We immediately started to relax and got into our holiday mood.

The five of us shared a lovely apartment (Apt. No.2, which is the nicest one!) on the first floor with a stunning terrace overlooking the small bay. Every apartment has its own BBQ area. Alternatively, you can book a BBQ made by Pablo for around BRL 25 per person if you don’t fancy shopping grocery and cooking by yourself.

Prices are reasonable: we spent around BRL 1400 for four nights for the apartment (max. capacity 7 people) including breakfast. The breakfast place is located on the roof of the main building, it is simple but very peaceful to eat there so that you can slowly wake up and start the day.

An absolute plus was that we could rent surfboards for free every day. So the guys and Sandra picked up their boards every morning to catch some waves in the bay in front of our apartment or at other beaches.

Beaches Florianópolis

long weekend in florianopolis travel beach

We were of course not able to visit all of the island’s beautiful beaches 😉 but we have been to these two, which are long beaches with beautiful scenery for surfers. And that was also one of the main activities of the guys: Surfing.

Barra da Lagoa

long weekend in florianopolis beach travel

The beach Barra da Lagoa was around the corner from our accommodation (where we parked the car). Most of the time we went to the bar Vereda Tropical where they offer sunbeds and great food & drinks. Ask for the Acai bowl without extra sugar, it’s not on the menu, but very delicious.

Praia Mole

long weekend in florianopolis beach travel

Praia Mole is one of the most popular beaches for paragliders and with fast and powerful waves only recommended for advanced surfers. We stayed at the left hand side of the beach where rocks provide some wind shelter. Climbing on the rocks is fun and allows great views over the beach & landscape.

Food / Restaurant Ostradamus in Florianópolis

As we had our own outside BBQ area, we made good use of it. We went to the local supermarkets, bought meat (Picanha), vegetables and enjoyed the “Currasco” during most evenings.

However, as Florianópolisis well known for its seafood and oysters, friends recommended the restaurant Ostradamus. Ostradamus is well known for serving good portions (most of the dished are for 2pax on the menu) and the best oysters on the island. It is located right on the beach in Reibeirão da Ilha with an own pier built over the water. I suggest to book a table in advance and to ask for a table on the peer (wind protected). The food is really delicious and the restaurant offers a very broad wine list. After dinner the restaurants Sommelier also gave us a tour through their wine cellar, which was very impressive.

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  • Roopesh Davda October 29, 2016 at 9:00 am

    Hi Jenny, interesting blog. Would love to visit one day. Not sure how good I would be at surfing but lazing around on the beautiful beaches of Florianópolis along with a little wining and dining in the evenings doesn’t sound like a bad option either. Keep us informed of your adventures in sunny Brazil! Always nice to read on a cold and foggy day in Zürich!

    • Jenny October 29, 2016 at 8:46 pm

      Thanks Roopesh. You are always welcome to visit us 🙂

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