Welcome to my blog


I am Jenny, a German living in São Paulo.

Last year my husband Paul got a job offer by his company to relocate from Switzerland to São Paulo to take on a new challenge. We travel a lot but have never been to South America before; though Brazil has always fascinated us. In November 2015 we went for a pre visit to São Paulo to get a first impression. To be honest my expectations were rather low when I stepped into the airplane, especially because I have done lots of research before but mainly found pictures of the city taken from above showing a never-ending skyline.

When we arrived at the airport and drove into the city I felt totally overran by this “grey” looking gigantic city. This changed immediately when we started to discover the city, visiting the different neighbourhoods, which were surprisingly green and clean. Within three days we were totally impressed by the creativity, the amazing restaurants, the art scene and the charming atmosphere.

We then decided to move, I quit my job in Zurich and started an MBA in São Paulo.

Now living in São Paulo since end of January 2016, Paul and I love discovering the city and to travel South America!

On my blog “Tropical Treasure Hunter”, I write about the experience and life in São Paulo and collect our favourite “haunts” such as São Paulo’s most quirky places, restaurants and hidden city getaways. To get you, and us, inspired and motivated to see what this gigantic city offers and to travel this beautiful country & continent.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog.